Paid Media Blueprint

Paid Media Blueprint


We begin every paid media engagement with a Paid Media Blueprint; a comprehensive deep dive into your current program, goals and the competitive landscape. Your blueprint becomes your roadmap to growing through a healthy paid media program.

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What you get:

Channel List

A Channel List is a ranking reporting of the paid channels that will best help you to achieve your business goals. This way you'll never have to wonder if you should allocate budget to Pinterest Ads, or YouTube channel.

Budget Recommendations

After we take a look at your current paid program and take the pulse of the competitive market, we will provide you with a budget recommendation that will help you reach your business goals. More than just a number we'll provide the key metrics that will help you stay on track.

Targeted Paid Media Strategies

The Target Strategies are just that. Specifically tailored and prioritized of strategies and next steps based on your strategic business goals and your specific market. Since each channel should be approached strategically we’ll also provide recommendations for things like keywords, audience segmentation and ad type.